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Two-Dimensional Thermal Model for Nozzle Coolant Tubes

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TUBE2D was developed to rapidly determine the steady state twodimensional temperature distribution in the cross-section of a rocket engine nozzle coolant tube. It accounts for the circumferential conduction due to asymmetric heating in this particular situation. Because of its ease of use and rapid turnaround time, it is particularly useful in conducting parametric studies. TUBE2D utilizes a thermal mesh whereby the temperature at each node is determined by balancing the heat input and output at each node.

Input to the TUBE2D program is in the form of DATA statements listing the 20 required parameters. A coating on the external surface can be included. The program provides the steady state temperature distribution with output listing the temperatures pictorially in their relative positions for easy interpretation of results. Hardcopy output is a succinct one page thermal distribution with a listing of the inputs used to generate the results.

TUBE2D carries the NASA case number MFS-30109. It was originally released as part of the COSMIC collection.
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