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ParVox 3

A Parallel Distributed Visualization System for 3D Volume Datasets

ParVox graphic Moderators:
Peggy Li
Total downloads from Open Channel to date: 16
source code available SOURCE CODE AVAILABLE

Scientists use complex three-dimensional models to study complex earth phenomena, such as the tectonic process causing earthquakes, the heat transport in the ocean circulation, etc. Such models tend to run for tens or hundreds of years and thus produce hundreds of gigabytes of data. Visualization of such large volume of datasets is a big challenge by itself. The computing power, memory capacity and network bandwidth of a desktop computer are not sufficient to handle a dataset of this size. We try to solve the problem using parallel software rendering on supercomputers.

ParVox is a parallel three-dimensional parallel volume rendering system capable of visualization of large time-varying earth science datasets in structured and unstructured grids. In addition, ParVox is a distributed visualization system that allows uses to control the parallel renderer on a remote supercomputer using user's desktop workstation and view the results interactively.

The unique features of ParVox3.0 are:

  1. scaleable to large number of processors and large volume of data

  2. multiple renderers in one system to support both structured and unstructured grid data.

  3. distributed visualization support with image compression

Advantages to Parvox

The advantage of ParVox over existing software is the fact that that ParVox supports distributed visualization. In other words, a user doesn't need to own a powerful computer with large memory and massive storage to visualize hundreds of gigabytes of data. All the user needs is a Unix/Linux workstation with X/Motif support and a network connection to a remote supercomputer where the data are stored. The data will be rendered on a remote computer and the rendered images will be sent back to user's desktop computer to display in realtime.

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