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MISR Visualization and Analysis Tools
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MISR Visualization and Analysis Tools

Tools for Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer

MISR Tools banner Moderators:
Brian Rheingans
Charles Thompson

No instrument like MISR has flown in space before. Viewing the sunlit Earth simultaneously at nine widely spaced angles, MISR provides ongoing global coverage with high spatial detail. Its imagery is carefully calibrated to provide accurate measures of the brightness, contrast, and color of reflected sunlight.

MISR provides new types of information for scientists studying Earth's climate, such as the partitioning of energy and carbon between the land surface and the atmosphere, and the regional and global impacts of different types of atmospheric particles and clouds on climate. The change in reflection at different view angles affords the means to distinguish different types of atmospheric particles (aerosols), cloud forms, and land surface covers. Combined with stereoscopic techniques, this enables construction of 3-D models and estimation of the total amount of sunlight reflected by Earth's diverse environments.

For more information about the MISR instrument and how to obtain data, please click here (a new browser window will automatically open).

The list of MISR tools available at Open Channel Software now includes:

  • A new version of MINX (MISR INteractive eXplorer) will be available shortly.

    An IDL-based display and analysis tool for use with many types of MISR and AirMISR data.
  • MISR Toolkit
    an API facilitating the access of MISR standard product files
  • MINX
    is a general-purpose tool to visualize MISR data and a specialized tool to analyze properties of smoke plumes and volcanic plumes, especially plume height and velocity.
...and more will be added soon!

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